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Boyd Fleming Crombie A Gordon A Gordon B Crombie B   Forbes Room 3 Room 10 Room 15 Room 18 Exhibition Hall  
Jun 19
9:00 AM
10:00 AM
Plenary: Welcome Addresses
Jun 19
9:00 AM
10:00 AM
Jun 19
9:00 AM
10:00 AM
Boyd Fleming Crombie A Gordon A Gordon B Crombie B   Forbes Room 3 Room 10 Room 15 Room 18 Exhibition Hall  
Jun 19
10:30 AM
11:00 AM
Plenary: Marine policy drivers from a Scottish perspective - Scottish Executive Minister for the Environment
Jun 19
10:30 AM
11:00 AM
Jun 19
10:30 AM
11:00 AM
Boyd Fleming Crombie A Gordon A Gordon B Crombie B   Forbes Room 3 Room 10 Room 15 Room 18 Exhibition Hall  
Jun 19
11:00 AM
11:30 AM
Plenary: Scientific and technical challenges for Oceans Defence - Rear Admiral Neil Latham RN
Jun 19
11:00 AM
11:30 AM
Jun 19
11:00 AM
11:30 AM
Boyd Fleming Crombie A Gordon A Gordon B Crombie B   Forbes Room 3 Room 10 Room 15 Room 18 Exhibition Hall  
Jun 19
11:30 AM
12:00 PM
Plenary: The European strategy for marine challenges - Ms Manuela Soares, Director of Environment, Research Directorate-General
Jun 19
11:30 AM
12:00 PM
Jun 19
11:30 AM
12:00 PM
Boyd Fleming Crombie A Gordon A Gordon B Crombie B   Forbes Room 3 Room 10 Room 15 Room 18 Exhibition Hall  
Jun 19
1:30 PM
3:15 PM
Underwater Communications: Systems
(Ormondroyd,R; Stojanovic,M)
A Multi-hop ARQ Protocol for Underwater Acoustic Networks (061123-002)
Dr. Hwee-Pink Tan
Time Reversal MIMO Architecture for Very Shallow Underwater Acoustic Communication (061213-003)
Mr. Roee Diamant
On the design of underwater acoustic cellular systems (061213-010)
Dr. Milica Stojanovic
Evaluation of underwater acoustic channel capacity in conjunction with application of sweep-spread carrier signals (061214-033)
Dr. Kebkal Konstantin
A robust underwater acoustic communication system using OFDM-MIMO (070131-007)
Prof. Richard Ormondroyd
Sensor/Communication Network I
(Meldrum,D; Hendry,D)
On the Benefits of High Absorption in Practical Multihop Networks (061215-001)
Mr. Craig Benson
A Comparison of Multiple Access Techniques in Clustered Underwater Acoustic Networks (061215-138)
Mr. Paolo Casari
Analyzing the Performance of Multi-hop Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks (061216-002)
Mr. John Gibson
Routing Criteria for Undersea Acoustic Communication Networks (070131-045)
Mr. Doug Grimmett
Improving the Robustness of Location-Based Routing for Underwater Sensor Networks (070131-079)
Prof. Jun-Hong Cui
Vehicle Design I
(Williams,A; Yoshida,H)
Comprehensive design tool for sizing and simulation of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (061110-001)
Mr. Jan Verdaasdonk
Modeling and Control of a Biomimetic Underwater Vehicle with a Tendon Drive Propulsion System (061214-017)
Mr. Chris Watts
Newly-developed Devices for The Two Types of Underwater Vehicles (070131-018)
Dr. Hiroshi Yoshida
The use of Computational Fluid Dynamics to Assess the Hull Resistance of Concept Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (070131-024)
Mr. Alexander Phillips
Quantifying Hydrodynamic Coefficients of Complex Structures (070131-037)
Mr. Richard Irwin
Observing Systems I
(Bannon,R; Bagley,P)
FerryBox and MERIS - Monitoring of Coastal and Shelf Sea Ecosystems by In-situ and Remote Sensing (061214-009)
Dr. Wilhelm Petersen
Deep ocean Environmental Long term Observatory System (DELOS):- Long term (25 year) monitoring of the deep ocean animal community in the vicinity of offshore hydrocarbon operations. (061214-027)
Dr. Philip Bagley
A Nested Multi-static HF Radar Testbed for the New York Bight and Beyond (061215-085)
Dr. Josh Kohut
"Red ACOMAR Canarias": A new european regional contribution for GOOS  (070131-052)
Mr. Carlos Barrera
(Coates,R; Andersen,L)
Analysis of impulsive biological noise due to snapping shrimp as a point process in time (061214-063)
Mr. Matthew Legg
Non-Rayleigh echo PDF's for broadband acoustic scattering by patches of discrete targets with applications to fish (061215-108)
Dr. Dezhang Chu
MHT and ML Approaches to Marine Mammal Detection (061218-002)
Odile Gerard
?The Whale that Swam to London?: Noise, Navigation and Spatial-Temporal Awareness (070121-002)
Prof. Rodney Coates
A broadband acoustic system for resonance classification of swimbladder-bearing fish (061215-105)
Dr. Timothy Stanton
Jun 19
1:30 PM
3:15 PM
Light Fields and Sensing I
(Cunningham,A; Caimi,F)
Spectral fitting techniques in turbid water (061215-025)
Dr. David Bowers
An approach to determining shelf seawater composition by inversion of in situ inherent optical property measurements (061215-046)
Mr. Ian Brown
Determining the impact of non-algal materials on water-leaving solar stimulated fluorescence signals in coastal waters  (061215-082)
Dr. David McKee
An Approach for Underwater Target Detection by Inhomogeneous Illumination (061214-012)
Prof. Bing Zheng
HF Observations of Ocean Winds, Currents and Targets
(Heron,M; Wyatt,L)
Wave and Tidal Power measurement using HF radar. (061214-016)
Prof. Lucy Wyatt
Resolving Coastal Ocean Eddy Activity in Surface Velocity Signatures From Wellen Radars and an Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler. (061214-048)
Prof. Lynn Shay
Tsunami monitoring by HF ocean radar: Time and space scales (061214-061)
Prof. Malcolm Heron
Radio Frequency Interference Suppression Techniques in FMCW ModulatedHF Radars (061215-013)
Klaus-Werner Gurgel
Remote Sensing of the Sea and Target Detection Improvement Using a Wavelet-based Extraction of Sea Echoes from High Frequency Radars (070130-009)
Mr. Florent Jangal
Dynamic Response of Tension Members
(Martini ,M; Parker,G)
Reduction in braided rope strength due to twist (070108-001)
Dr. Peter Davies
Reducing Crane Payload Swing Using A Rider Block Tagline Control System (070127-002)
Prof. Gordon Parker
Comparison of dynamical responses of an offshore riser with linear and nonlinear structural characteristics through nonlinear normal modes (070130-007)
Mr. Marko Keber
Student Posters
Adaptive Blind Source Separation in Underwater Wireless Speech Communication (070131-080)
Zhenhai Wang
Novel Tracers for Environmental Applications (070131-048)
Mr. Morgan Adams
Day Ahead Ocean Swell Forecasting With Recursively Regularized Recurrent Neural Networks (070131-043)
Mr. Derrick Mirikitani
A novel implementation of carrier interferometry OFDM in an underwater acoustic channel (070131-033)
Ms. Fang Xu
Pressurizing System for Observation of Marine Zooplankton (070131-023)
Ms. Tomoko Yoshiki
Reconfigurable Hardware Applied to Holographic Reconstruction (070131-016)
Mr. Richard Veitch
Data extraction from underwater holograms of marine organisms (070130-004)
Mr. Nicholas Burns
An Active Beacon for Measuring the Tow-Path of a Synthetic Aperture Sonar: Purau Bay sea trial results. (070130-003)
Mr. Edward Pilbrow
Monolithic spectrometer for environmental monitoring applications (070129-004)
Mr. Sergi Pons
A Simulation of the Synthetic Aperture Radar Observation of a Manufactured Object in Sea Clutter using Finite Differences (070129-003)
Mr. Thibaut Lurton
Behaviour-based Rules with Fuzzy Logic Controlled Priority Weights in Mutil-UUVs Team Cooperation (070119-001)
Mr. Yan Hou
Water circulation in Darvel Bay, Sabah, Malaysia (061216-001)
Ms. Ejria Sibadogil
A Study of Active Sonar Reverberation using Ultrasonic Experiments in a Shallow-water Tank (061215-122)
Mr. Jeffrey Rogers
Physical Qualification and Quantification of the Water Masses in the Kongsfjorden-Krossfjorden System Cross Section (061215-086)
Ms. Piehl Harms Angela
Space-time signal processing of ofdm signals in fast-varying underwater acoustic channel (061215-079)
Mr. Zhengyi Xu
Wavelet Denoising Technique: Non white Gaussian noise reduction on oceanic microstructure data (061215-073)
Mr. Ruben Quesada
Target Detection using HF radar data (061215-066)
Mr. Tomasz Gorski
Using Oceanography To Control And Forecast Nuclear Accidents And Other Passive Particles Problems (061215-009)
Mr. Manuel Toscano-Jiminez
A Comparison of Two Data Delivery Schemes for Underwater Sensor Networks (061120-001)
Mr. Pius Lee
The Development of a Tidal Turbine for Deployment in areas with Slow moving Tidal flows (070131-015)
Ms. Naomi Turner
Three Dimensional Heterogenous Imaging Sensor Correspondence and Registration for Visualization (061215-127)
Mr. Matthew Johnson-Roberson
Jun 19
1:30 PM
3:15 PM
Boyd Fleming Crombie A Gordon A Gordon B Crombie B   Forbes Room 3 Room 10 Room 15 Room 18 Exhibition Hall  
Jun 19
3:45 PM
5:30 PM
Sensor/Communication Network II
(Stojanovic,M; Sharif,B)
A Channel Sharing Scheme for Underwater Cellular Networks (061213-018)
Borja Peleato
An Adaptive Propagation-delay-tolerant MAC Protocol for Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks (061214-006)
Mr. Xiaoxing Guo
Design & Performance of Networked Ad-hoc Acoustic Communications Systems using Inexpensive Commercial CDMA Modems (061215-004)
Dr. Matthew Dunbabin
An Integrated Energy Efficient Data Retrieval Protocol for Underwater Delay Tolerant Networks (061215-096)
Mr. Colin Chan
Estimation in Underwater Sensor Networks Taking into Account Capture (070131-001)
Mr. Md. Howlader
Vehicle Design II
(Furlong,M; Wood,S)
The Development of an Autonomous Underwater Powered Glider for Deep-Sea Biological, Chemical and Physical Oceanography (061212-009)
Dr. Stephen Wood
Manoeuvring model parametric identification of an autonomous in-scale fast-ferry model (061215-089)
Prof. Francisco Velasco
A Concept Design for an Ultra-Long-Range Survey Class AUV (070131-047)
Dr. Maaten Furlong
AUV shapes - Combining the Practical and Hydrodynamic Considerations (070312-001)
Mr. Peter Stevenson
Design, Implementation and Free Running Test of ISiMI; an AUV for Cruising in Ocean Engineering Basin Environment (061215-090)
Dr. Bong-Huan Jun
Observing Systems II
(Griffiths,G; Asada,A)
Evaluation result of new seafloor mirror transponder and AUV observation system in seafloor geodetic observation (061206-003)
Prof. Akira Asada
Sediment sampling at a depth of 10,131m in the Challenger Deep by ROV Kaiko (061215-094)
Mr. Hidehiko Nakajoh
ExView: A Real-time Collaboration Environment for Multi-ship Experiments (061215-103)
Andrew Maffei
Development and application of real-time underwater acoustic equipment for deep sea survey (070131-002)
Mr. Seon-dong Kim
Calibration of Acoustic Systems and Metrology
(Foote,K; Andersen,L)
Acoustic robustness of two standard spheres for calibrating a broadband multibeam sonar (061215-117)
Dr. Kenneth Foote
Environmental Measurements Derived from Tactical Mine-Hunting Sonar Data (070131-067)
Dr. Paul Elmore
Calibrating multibeam, wideband sonar with reference targets. (070201-001)
Dr. Lars Andersen
An approach for correcting magnitude and phase distortion in wideband piezoelectric transducer system (070206-001)
Dr. Said Assous
Broadband ultrasonic target strengths of hollow ceramic flotation spheres (070419-001)
Mr. Philip Atkins
Jun 19
3:45 PM
5:30 PM
Light Fields and Sensing II
(Cunningham,A; Lavender,S)
The influence of dissolved and particulate materials on underwater light fields in shelf seas: implications for primary production modelling (061214-010)
Ms. Leanne Ramage
Innovations in ocean optics for coastal and open ocean mooring applications (061214-060)
Dr. Victor Kuwahara
Analysis of SeaWiFS Chlorophyll-a Matchups for the Atlantic Ocean using the Atlantic Meridional Transect Cruise Data. (061215-069)
Dr. Samantha Lavender
Oceanic Primary Production: Comparison of Models (070131-074)
Dr. Shubha Sathyendranath
Radar Remote Sensing
(Weissman,D; Garello,R)
Coastal applications of X-band radar to achieve spatial and temporal surface wave monitoring (061214-059)
Konstanze Reichert
Measurements of the Effect of Rain-Induced Sea Surface Roughness on the Satellite Scatterometer Radar Cross Section (061230-001)
Dr. David Weissman
Comparisons between HF radar and SAR current measurements in the Iroise Sea (070131-010)
Ms. Celine Danilo
Offshore wind mapping using synthetic aperture radar and meteorological model data (070131-034)
Mr. Iain Cameron
Design for Salvage, Pollution Prevention and Remediation
(Martini ,M; Benson,D)
The Development of Novel Radioisotope Inspection Techniques to allow Determination of Oil Levels within Submerged Tankers and the Integrity of Subsea Structures (061208-002)
Mr. Daniel Benson
Design of Steel Structures including corrosion behavior using Eurocode and National annexure (070125-003)
Ms. Ashwini Oke
A new oil recovery system using steam-driven ejector (070131-003)
Dr. Isamu Fujita
Leak Location & Sealing using Platelet Technology (070131-020)
Ms. Klaire Evans
Marine Environment and Oceanography: Physical Oceanography
(Meldrum,D; Karolyi,G)
Hydrodynamic controls on carbonate mound development: long term in-situ seabed BOBO-lander observations and CTD casts at the SW Rockall Trough Margin and in the Gulf of Cadiz (061215-106)
Ms. Furu Mienis
Chaotic advection and fractality: applications in oceanography (070129-002)
Dr. Gyorgy Karolyi
Obligations and challenges for national maritime administrations concerning the latest requirement for ships to carry ECDIS equipment (070119-002)
Captain Zeljko Bradaric
Study of tectonic evolutionary history in the region of northeast South China Sea (061213-015)
Mr. Jihong Shang
Student Posters (cont.)
Jun 19
3:45 PM
5:30 PM
Boyd Fleming Crombie A Gordon A Gordon B Crombie B   Forbes Room 3 Room 10 Room 15 Room 18 Exhibition Hall  
Jun 20
9:00 AM
10:20 AM
Sonar: Systems/Analysis
(Candy,J; Jaffrey,A)
Wireless Control and Monitoring of subsea equipment through the use of advanced acoustics (061214-044)
Dr. Andrew Jaffrey
Non-Uniform Doppler Compensation for Zero-Padded OFDM over Fast-Varying Underwater Acoustic Channels (070202-004)
Dr. Shengli Zhou
Maximizing Channel Utilization for Underwater Acoustic Links (070131-072)
Dr. Albert Harris
Comparative Theoretical Performance of Maneuverable Unmanned Vehicles versus Conventional Towed-Arrays for Passive Sonar (061215-065)
Dr. Igal Bilik
Sensor/Communication Network III
(Griffiths,H; Gendron,P)
Software Modems for Underwater Sensor Networks (061211-006)
Dr. Raja Jurdak
High frequency coherent acoustic communications for the Networked Autonomous Littoral Surveillance (NetALS) System (061214-043)
Dr. Paul Gendron
A multi-channel MAC protocol for AUV networks (070131-012)
Mr. Shiraz Shahabudeen
Mr. Eduardo Marques
Vehicle Navigation I
(Carey,W; Hurst,P)
Underwater navigation based on the multiple sensor fusion algorithm for the deep-sea UUV system, HEMIRE and HENUVY (061213-016)
Dr. Kihun Kim
Trajectory Tracking of the Cormoran AUV Based on a PI-MIMO Approach (061215-030)
Dr. Fernando Valenciaga
A Robust Control Algorithm for Path Tracking by an Oceanographic Unmanned Aeronautical Vehicle (061215-112)
Mr. Matthew Bennett
Accuracy improvement of an Inertial Navigation System brought about by the rotational motion (061215-003)
Dr. Shojiro Ishibashi
Sound Propagation and Scattering
(Foote,K; Duda,T)
Acoustic wave propagation in underwater shallow channel environments (061113-001)
Mr. Ian Scott
Examining the validity of approximations to fully three-dimensional shallow-water acoustic propagation through nonlinear internal gravity waves (061215-088)
Dr. Timothy Duda
High-frequency acoustic propagation in the presence of ocean variability in KauaiEx (070130-008)
Mohsen Badiey
Modal Approximation Formulas for Shallow Water Waveguides (070131-084)
Mr. Stephen Kaczkowski
Jun 20
9:00 AM
10:20 AM
Numerical Modeling and Simulation
(Fox,W; Green,D)
Modelling of waves and ocean currents for real-time simulation of ocean dynamics (061215-071)
Dr. Edin Omerdic
GIS-Based Performance Prediction and Evaluation of Civilian Harbour Protection Systems (061215-022)
Prof. Andrea Caiti
Augmented Reality and Data Fusion techniques for Enhanced Situational Awareness of the Underwater Domain (070124-002)
Mr. Benjamin Davis
Sonar Data Simulation based on Tube Tracing (070201-002)
Dr. Didier Gueriot
Optics: AUVs and Ferry Boxes
(Jaffe,J; Cunningham,A)
Multi Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Optical Imaging for Extended Performance (061213-006)
Dr. Jules Jaffe
In Situ Analysis for Intelligent Control (070131-041)
Prof. Maria Fox
Experiment on Underwater Docking of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle ISIMI using Optical Terminal Guidance (061216-006)
Mr. Jin-Yeong Park
Remote Sensing of Ocean Geophysical Parameters
(Garello,R; Weissman,D)
Mapping Ocean Currents With IKONOS (061206-002)
Mr. Ron Abileah
Utilization of remotely sensed data to detect anthoropogenic impacts on sea surface temperature of Kuwait Bay, Kuwait (061209-001)
Mr. Thamer Al-rashidi
OSTIA : An operational, high resolution, real time, global sea surface temperature analysis system. (061214-029)
Mr. John Stark
MARCOAST ? Operational Marine Oil Spill and Water Quality Monitoring Services (061214-030)
Dr. David Cotton
Mechanical System Designs for Dynamic Environments
(Takagi,K; Lobo,V)
Hydroelastic behavior of a long flexible structure in irregular waves (061203-002)
Prof. Ken Takagi
Estimating Manoeuvring and Seakeeping Characteristics with Neural Networks (070131-071)
Prof. Victor Lobo
Extendable Draft Platform (EDP) (070205-001)
Mr. Pierre Thomas
Technology innovation - A new shallow-water retractable autonomous buoy platform. (070131-008)
Mr. Carl Wainman
Student Posters (cont.)
Jun 20
9:00 AM
10:20 AM
Boyd Fleming Crombie A Gordon A Gordon B Crombie B   Forbes Room 3 Room 10 Room 15 Room 18 Exhibition Hall  
Jun 20
10:50 AM
12:15 PM
Sonar Imaging
(Neasham,J; Beaujean,P)
Broadband, Ultra-sparse Array Processing for Low Complexity Multibeam Sonar Imaging (070131-060)
Mr. Jeffrey Neasham
Dr. Isabelle Quidu
False Alarm Reduction by SVM for Manmade Object Detection from Sidescan Sonar Images (061214-003)
Dr. Ning Ma
Shallow water high resolution bathymetric side scan sonar (061214-055)
Dr. Xiaodong Liu
Underwater Communications: Applications I
(Rouseff,D; Chitre,M)
The Application of Software Radio Techniques to Underwater Acoustic Communications (061204-002)
Ms. Emma Jones
Propagation physics effects on coherent underwater acoustic communications: Results from KauaiEx 2003 (061214-051)
Dr. Daniel Rouseff
Range and depth dependency of coherent underwater acoustic communications in KauaiEx (061218-003)
Aijun Song
On the use of rate-less codes in underwater acoustic file transfers (061214-058)
Dr. Mandar Chitre
Vehicle Navigation II
(Hurst,P; Vazquez Diosdado,J)
Positioning method for an AUV using a profiling sonar and passive acoustic landmarks for close-range observation of seafloors (061220-001)
Mr. Toshihiro Maki
Decentralised Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping for AUVs (070126-001)
Dr. Jose Vazquez Diosdado
A method of Navigation using a modified Ultra Short Base Line Directional Acoustic Transponder (061215-101)
Steven McManus
A 6 DOF Navigation Algorithm for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (070130-018)
Mr. Andrew Lammas
Ocean Measurements I
(Williams,A; Charlot,D)
Measurements of Surfzone Currents and Waves In Support of Sankaty Head, Nantucket, Beach Nourishment (061208-005)
Dr. Albert Williams
Fast Thermistor String model 3 for measuring internal waves (061214-031)
Ir. Marck Smit
At-sea measurements with an Autonomous Vehicle Towed Array System, Avta.  (061215-098)
Dr. Jason Holmes
DelphMag Locator : A system for real time mapping of magnetic anomalies (061214-021)
Dr. Didier Charlot
Jun 20
10:50 AM
12:15 PM
Information Management I
(Green,D; Maillard,C)
SIMORC - System of industry metocean data for the offshore and research communities (070130-002)
Mr. Dick Schaap
SeaDataNet: Development of a Pan-European infrastructure for ocean and marine data management (070131-026)
Dr. Catherine Maillard
Policy Based Management for Marine Sensor Networks (061215-019)
Mr. Jordi Sorribas
The importance of trust between operator and AUV: Crossing the human/computer language barrier (070130-005)
Mr. Nick Johnson
Optical Sensing
(Caimi,F; Thevar,T)
A new nitrate continuous observation sensor for autonomous sub-surface applications: Technical design and first results (061215-029)
Prof. Oliver Zielinski
Advances in Lidar Transmitter Sources for Ocean-Atmosphere Remote Sensing (070124-003)
Dr. Thanga Thevar
Subsea Surveying Using a Large Volume Optical Leak Detector (070131-075)
Daniel McStay
Pulse versus CW Laser Line Scan Imaging Detection Methods: Simulation Results (070201-007)
Dr. Frank Caimi
HF Measurements of Winds and Waves
(Wyatt,L; Heron,M)
HF radar observation of wave directional spectra in a strong current regime (061215-002)
Dr. Brian Haus
Coastal Eddies in the Ocean Wind Field as Observed by Single and Multiple Frequency HF Radars on Monterey Bay, California (070128-004)
Prof. John Vesecky
Features and Limitations of the Modular Oceanography Radar System WERA (070131-006)
Mr. Thomas Helzel
HF radar measurements in Liverpool Bay, Irish Sea (070131-038)
Mr. Michael Howarth
Marine Environment and Oceanography: Marine Life and Ecosystems
(Pollard,P; Colton,M)
Sensitive novel fluorescent tracers for environmental monitoring (070131-042)
Prof. Pat Pollard
Prof. Levent Bat
Mr. Mohammad Islam
Meeting Future Marine Challenges: Charting the Course of NOAA's Ocean Service Science and Technology Enterprise towards Ecosystem Service and Stewardship (070131-050)
Dr. Marie Colton
Student Posters (cont.)
Jun 20
10:50 AM
12:15 PM
Boyd Fleming Crombie A Gordon A Gordon B Crombie B   Forbes Room 3 Room 10 Room 15 Room 18 Exhibition Hall  
Jun 20
12:15 PM
1:00 PM
Keynote : Challenges in Marine Science & Technology - Prof Robin Cook FRS Marine Lab
Keynote: Challenges in Ocean and Climate Science - Dr. John Gunn, CSIRO
Jun 20
12:15 PM
1:00 PM
Keynote: Challenges in Deepwater Technology - David Pridden, Subsea UK
Jun 20
12:15 PM
1:00 PM
Boyd Fleming Crombie A Gordon A Gordon B Crombie B   Forbes Room 3 Room 10 Room 15 Room 18 Exhibition Hall  
Jun 20
2:00 PM
4:00 PM
Sonar: Signal & Image Processing
(Beaujean,P; Zhu,W)
Development of an Automated Roughness Estimation Algorithm for Sidescan Imagery (070119-004)
Ms. Maura Lohrenz
Hailiang Tao
Non Data Aided Timing Recovery Algorithms for Digital Underwater Communications (061215-010)
Mr. Goulven Eynard
Signal Processing for High Speed Underwater Acoustic Transmission of Image (061205-002)
Prof. Weiqing Zhu
Prof. Pierre-Philippe Beaujean
Underwater Communications: Applications II
(Yang,T; Neasham,J)
Low signal-to-noise-ratio underwater acoustic communications using direct-sequence spread-spectrum signals (061212-005)
Dr. Tsih Yang
Spread spectrum modulation for acoustic communication in shallow water channel (061215-038)
Dr. Maria Palmese
Performance Comparison of RAKE and SIC/RAKE Receivers for Multiuser Underwater Acoustic Communication Applications (061215-119)
Mr. Karim Ouertani
Digital Underwater Communication Using Electric Current Method (070129-008)
Dr. Jurianto Joe
Adaptive Rake Receiver for Shallow-Water Acoustic Channels (070131-011)
Dr. Charalampos Tsimenidis
Control Systems I
(Griffiths,G; Hendry,D)
Active Heave Crown Compensation Sub-System (061212-007)
Mr. Jan Hatleskog
Underwater Pipeline Survey With a Towed Semi-Autonomous Vehicle (061214-011)
Dr. Riccardo Viviani
Nonlinear Formation Control of a group of underactuated ships (061214-036)
Mr. Jawhar Gommam
Formation Control of Multiple Underactuated AUVs (061214-001)
Dr. Ji-Hong Li
A fully autonomous docking strategy for intervantion AUVs (061215-014)
Dr. Lorenzo Brignone
Ocean Measurements II
(Balfour,C; Detweiler ,C)
The Use of Ships of Opportunity for Irish Sea Based Oceanographic Measurements (061211-007)
Christopher Balfour
Technologies for new in situ chemical sensors (061213-005)
Dr. Ralf Prien
Advances in Marine Survey Products and Platforms (061219-001)
Mr. Matt Geen
Static magnetic dipole detection using vector linear prediction, Anderson functions, and block-based adaptive processing (061215-011)
Dr. Roald Otnes
Design of a gas tight water sampler for AUV operations (061215-140)
Dr. Chris Roman
An Underwater Sensor Network with Dual-Communication, Sensing, and Mobility (070131-039)
Prof. Daniela Rus
Acoustical Oceanography
(Carey,W; Hermand,J)
Estimation of a shallow water channel impulse response via an MCMC method with application to an oceanic acoustic tomography experiment (061215-080)
Dr. Olivier Rabaste
Mr. Gordon Johnston
Correlations Amongst High Definition Side-Scan Sonar Images and Corresponding Remote Operating Vehicle Video Images Of Geological, Man-Made And Possible Animal Remains Along the Bottom of Loch Ness, Scotland. (070130-017)
Dr. Robert Rines
Acoustics of mud layers at the bottom of coastal waters (070205-002)
Dr. Allan Pierce
A Physical Explanation for Less Than Quadratic Recorded Attenuation Values (061215-092)
Jon Collis
Dr. Jean-Pierre Hermand
Jun 20
2:00 PM
4:00 PM
Information Management II
(Green,D; Meyer,J)
A deformation analysis of a dynamic estuary using two-weekly MBES surveying (061215-035)
Dr. Roderik Lindenbergh
OLFISH: a paperless solution for the collection, storage, analysis, reporting and  (061211-003)
Dr. Amos Barkai
Differentiated Underwater Sensor Network Deployment (070131-051)
Prof. Nadjib Achir
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Migration Strategy For U.S. Operational Naval METOC (070313-001)
Mr. John Meyer
Distributed Visualization of Plants of Process of Manufacturing in Immersives Environments: A Case Study in the Shipbuilding and Offshore Structures Industries (061215-125)
Prof. Danubia Espindola
Holography & Imaging Systems
(Watson,J; Caimi,F)
3D reconstruction of natural underwater scenes using the stereovision system IRIS (061215-051)
Mr. Vincent Brandou
Dr. Alessandro Leone
Reducing the aberrations of holographic images of underwater particles by using the off-axis scheme with normal incidence of object beam (070131-036)
Prof. John Watson
Holographic Image Acquisition and Remote Underwater Visualization (070131-040)
Dr. Philip Benzie
Ocean plankton imaging using an electronic holographic camera (070417-001)
Dr. Hongyue Sun
Image analysis techniques to accompany a new In Situ Ichthyoplankton Imaging System (061214-054)
Dr. Gabriel Tsechpenakis
Challenges Facing the Defence Industry
(Chamberlain,S; Asada,A)
A methodology to assess capabilities against underwater targets in harbour protection (061211-008)
Dr. Bao Nguyen
Advanced surveillance technology in underwater security sonar systems (061213-002)
Prof. Akira Asada
Applicability of Neural Network Techniques to Underwater Naval Tactics (061215-036)
Mr. Clement Petres
Oceans Acts and the false dichotomy between defence and environment (061221-001)
Mr. Paul Braybrook
Ocean and Climate Science
(Gunn,J; Klaassen,W)
Carbon dioxide uptake by a temperate tidal sea (061212-002)
Dr. Wim Klaassen
Observations of a California Current Jet Meandering off the Continental Shelf into a Deep Ocean Region (061215-095)
Mr. Robert Heitsenrether
First results from shipboard atmospheric O2 and CO2 measurements over the North Atlantic Ocean (061215-111)
Mr. Michael Patecki
Marine Environment and Oceanography: Bathymetry, Sonar & Waves
(Kosyan,R; Le Gal,C)
Automated Optimisation of Simultaneous Mulitbeam and Sidescan Sonar Seabed Mapping (061215-072)
Mr. Edward Thurman
Oil spill detection by MODIS images using fuzzy cluster and texture feature extraction (070323-002)
Dr. Xiaodong Zhang
Comparison of sea state statistics between a phenomenological model and field data (061215-091)
Dr. Christophe Le Gal
Automatic Detecting Outliers in Multibeam Sonar Based on Density of Points (061206-001)
Mr. Fanlin Yang
New Application of Wavelet Transform for Internal Wave Detection in SAR and Optical Image Data: A Case Study in Japan Waters (061216-003)
Dr. Yessy Arvelyna
Prof. Ruben Kosyan
Student Posters (cont.)
Jun 20
2:00 PM
4:00 PM
Boyd Fleming Crombie A Gordon A Gordon B Crombie B   Forbes Room 3 Room 10 Room 15 Room 18 Exhibition Hall  
Jun 21
9:00 AM
10:20 AM
Synthetic Aperture: Applications
(Griffiths,H; Morrison,A)
Comparison between DPCA Algorithm and Inertial Navigation on the Ixsea Shadows SAS system. (061213-012)
Mr. Frederic Jean
Area Coverage Rate of Synthetic Aperture Sonars (070110-001)
Mr. Per Espen Hagen
Processing of non-uniform azimuth sampling in multiple-receiver Synthetic aperture sonar image reconstruction (070114-002)
Dr. Hailiang Yang
Comparison of sonar images with well-known differences from raw data (061213-017)
Mr. Olivier Tarlet
Vehicle Performance
(Griffiths,G; Willumsen,A)
On the performance of three deep-diving underwater gliders (061205-001)
Prof. Gwyn Griffiths
The Role of Risk in AUV Development and Deployment (061212-011)
Mr. Justin Manley
Filtering depth measurements in underwater vehicles for improved seabed imaging (061214-026)
Mr. Are Willumsen
Tests of a light UAV for naval surveillance (061215-048)
Prof. Victor Lobo
MultiStatic Tracking I
Evaluation of an MHT-enabled Tracker with Simulated Multistatic Sonar Data (061214-046)
Mr. Thomas Lang
Bayesian Multistatic Tracking with Doppler-Sensitive Waveforms (061214-047)
Brian La Cour
Sequential ML for Multistatic Sonar Tracking (061215-118)
Prof. Peter Willett
Observed Information Matrices for Multistatic Target and Sensor Field Tracking (061215-130)
Dr. Roy Streit
Jun 21
9:00 AM
10:20 AM
Wind Turbines and Farms
(Brancart,C; Hobson,P)
Grid Computing Technologies for Renewable Electricity Generator Monitoring and Control (061215-032)
Prof. Peter Hobson
Potential Impact of the Massachusetts Maritime Academy Wind Turbine on Common (Sterna hirundo) and Roseate (S. dougallii) Terns (061215-114)
Dr. Lucy Vlietstra
Development of a Gravity Foundation System for Offshore Wind Farm Applications (070130-012)
Dr. Jimmy Murphy
Dynamic Modelling, Simulation and Analysis of an Offshore Variable-Speed Directly-Driven Permanent-Magnet Wind Energy Conversion and Storage System (WECSS) (070131-032)
Mr. Nicholas Strachan
Floaters Landers and Drifters
(Jaffe,J; Wood,S)
The CFD-aided Design of STABLE III, a New Platform to Study Near-Bed Turbulent Currents and Associated Sediment-Dynamics. (061115-001)
Mr. John Humphery
An Autonomous Self-Mooring Vehicle for Littoral & Coastal Observations (061212-008)
Dr. Stephen Wood
Autonomous Mini-buoy Prototype for a Coordinated, Wireless Networked, Ocean-Surface-Sensor Array (070129-005)
Prof. John Vesecky
AUE: An Autonomous Float for Monitoring the Upper Water Column (070131-046)
Dr. Jules Jaffe
Environmental Impact and Risk Assessment I
(Shimmield,G; Coates,R)
The measurement of the underwater radiated noise from marine piling including characterisation of a ?soft start? period (061215-074)
Paul Lepper
Seismic Airguns at Long Range: The Potential for Behavioural Change in Marine Mammals (070121-001)
Prof. Rodney Coates
Building risk management for marine mammals into offshore development and exploration (070123-001)
Prof. Ian Boyd
Underwater acoustic power measurement in reveberant field (061215-021)
Dr. Richard Hazelwood
Student Posters (cont.)
Jun 21
9:00 AM
10:20 AM
Boyd Fleming Crombie A Gordon A Gordon B Crombie B   Forbes Room 3 Room 10 Room 15 Room 18 Exhibition Hall  
Jun 21
10:50 AM
12:15 PM
Detection: Systems & Applications
(Candy,J; Lobo,V)
A user friendly toolbox for exploratory data analysis of underwater sound (061215-064)
Prof. Victor Lobo
Signal Detection in Underwater Sound by Dual-Tree Discrete Wavelet Transform (061201-004)
Dr. Fu-Tai Wang
Auditory-inspired Interval Statistic Receivers for Passive Sonar Signal Detection (061201-001)
Mr. Robert Mill
Multiple Sub-array Beamspace CAATI Algorithm and Application for Multi-beam Bathymetry Sonar (070130-001)
Prof. Haisen LI
Synthetic Aperture: Imaging
(Courmontagne,p; Sullivan,E)
SAS images denoising: the jointly use of an autoadaptive mean filter and the stochastic matched filter (061215-027)
Dr. philippe Courmontagne
A review on Stochastic Matched Filter based denoising methods for SAS images despeckling (061215-043)
Dr. philippe Courmontagne
A robust multiple-receiver Range-Doppler algorithm for synthetic aperture sonar imagery (070127-001)
Dr. Hailiang Yang
Towed-Array Tracking With No Maneuver (061214-057)
Dr. Edmund Sullivan
Vehicle Networks
(Hurst,P; Ferreira,H)
A Visual System for Distributed Mosaics using AUVs Fleet (061215-087)
Dr. Silvia Botelho
A Multi-Agent Architecture to Increase Coordination Efficiency in Multi-AUV Operations (070124-001)
Chris Sotzing
Mr. Hugo Ferreira
MultiStatic Tracking II
Track Initialization for Multi-Static Active Soanr Systems (070131-053)
Dr. Christian Hempel
Performance Limits of Real-Time Contact-Based Tracking (061215-061)
Dr. Stefano Coraluppi
Multistatic Target Tracking for non-cooperative illuminating by DAB/DVB-T (061214-008)
Ms. Martina Daun
Particle Filter for Information Management in an Autonomously Operating Activated Distributed Sensor Network (061215-016)
Dr. Frank Ehlers
Jun 21
10:50 AM
12:15 PM
Marine Law, Policy & Education I
(Edwards,A; Brancart,C)
Proposal of a Master degree in Underwater Inspection for Engineers (061214-013)
Mr. Rogelio Morales
The Significance of Marine Technology in Science Communication - Challenges, Opportunities, Best Practise Examples (061215-037)
Mr. Albert Gerdes
Can Human Powered Submarine Races Educate Our Students? (061231-001)
Mr. Claude Brancart
Simple Remotely Operated Vehicles for Students and Schoolchildren (070131-013)
Mr. Graeme Dunbar
Tide and Wave Energy I
(Pollard,P; Couch,S)
Large-scale physical response of the tidal system to energy extraction and its significance for informing environmental and ecological impact assessment (061215-129)
Dr. Scott Couch
The Development of a Tidal Turbine for Deployment in areas with Slow moving Tidal flows (070131-015)
Ms. Naomi Turner
Enhancing Performance of a Horizontal Axis Tidal Turbine using Adaptive Blades (070131-031)
Ms. Rachel Nicholls-Lee
Energy extraction implications of structurally significant velocity variation in tidal currents (070130-006)
Mr. Alan Owen
Coastal and Deepwater Technology
(Turner,D; Crawford,M)
A new system for supplying industrial power and signals in deep and ultra deep water (070131-057)
Mrs Moya Crawford
Intelligent Subsea Systems for Enhanced Deepwater Hydrocarbon (070131-078)
Gordon Shiach
EXtreme ecosystem studies in the deep OCEan : Technological Developments (061222-001)
Dr. Pierre-Marie Sarradin
Decommissioning Mega-Structures on the UK Continental Shelf (070202-002)
Mr. Eamon Sheehan
Environmental Impact and Risk Assessment II
(Shimmield,G; Malone,T)
Quantitative Assessments of the Condition of Marine Ecosystems and Need for the Coastal Module of the Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS) (061214-034)
Dr. Thomas Malone
A Renewable Engineer's Essential Guide to Marine Ecology (061212-010)
Dr. Beth Scott
Mr. Matej David
The quantification of the physical, environmental and ecological impact of towed demersal fishing gears. (070131-068)
Dr. Finbarr O'Neill
Student Posters (cont.)
Jun 21
10:50 AM
12:15 PM
Boyd Fleming Crombie A Gordon A Gordon B Crombie B   Forbes Room 3 Room 10 Room 15 Room 18 Exhibition Hall  
Jun 21
12:15 PM
1:00 PM
Keynote: Challenges facing Operational Oceanography - Dr Mike Bell, UK national Centre for Ocean Forecasting
Keynote: Challenges in Ocean Exploration - Capt Craig McLean, NOAA
Jun 21
12:15 PM
1:00 PM
Keynote: Challenges for Ocean Governance - Kristina Gjerde JD, IUCN
Jun 21
12:15 PM
1:00 PM
Boyd Fleming Crombie A Gordon A Gordon B Crombie B   Forbes Room 3 Room 10 Room 15 Room 18 Exhibition Hall  
Jun 21
2:00 PM
4:00 PM
Detection: Classification
(Heath,R; Bell,J)
Classification of Clutter Types in Active Sonar Using Spatial Image Processing Techniques (061214-035)
Dr. Ross Heath
Canonical Coordinates for Detection and Classification of Underwater Objects From Sonar Imagery (061214-053)
Mr. James Tucker
Improved Classification Ability in Littoral Environments by Decision Fusion (061215-026)
Ron Lennartsson
The Automated Change Detection and Classification Real-time (ACDC-RT) System (070119-003)
Dr. Marlin Gendron
Adaptive Fusion Architecture for Context Aware Detection and Classification (061214-022)
Dr. Judith Bell
Automatic classification of whistles produced by Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins (Sousa chinensis) (070130-015)
Mr. Suranga Nanayakkara
Control Systems II
(Dunbabin,M; Pebody,M)
Intelligent Supervision, Integrated Fault Detection And Diagnosis For Subsea Control Systems (061215-015)
Dr. Edmary Altamiranda
Identification of Coupled Mathematical Models for Underwater Vehicles (061215-017)
Mr. Nikola Miskovic
Large-Scale Habitat Mapping Using Vision-Based AUVs: Experiences, Challenges & Vehicle Design (061215-041)
Dr. Matthew Dunbabin
The Contribution of Scripted Command Sequences and Low Level Control Behaviours to Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Control Systems and Their Impact on Reliability and Mission Success. (070110-002)
Dr. Miles Pebody
Autopilots for Underwater Vehicles: Dynamics, Configurations, and Control (070131-055)
Anouck Girard
Cabled Observatories
(Waldmann,C; Nolan,G)
Open Architecture Submarine Cable Observatory Systems (061214-007)
Mr. Antoine Lecroart
Reliability Modeling of Regional Cable Observatories (061214-042)
Mr. Stephen Lentz
Cabled Ocean Science Observatories as Test Beds for Underwater Technology (061214-049)
Mr. Peter Phibbs
The European Seafloor Observatory Network Implementation Model: Towards a model for European Observatory Implementation (061215-033)
Dr. Glenn Nolan
The German Contribution to ESONET - Integrating Activities for Setting up an Interoperable Ocean Observation System in Europe (061215-075)
Dr. Christoph Waldmann
MultiStatic Tracking III
Incorporating Target Strength Into Environmentally-Adaptive Sonar Tracking (061214-039)
Dr. James Pitton
Reduction of False Alarm Rate in Distributed Multistatic Sonar Systems through Detection Cueing (070131-044)
Mr. Doug Grimmett
A Structured Approach to Passive Sonar Track Association (061215-110)
Dr. Garfield Mellema
Jun 21
2:00 PM
4:00 PM
Marine Law, Policy & Education II
(Edwards,A; Snyder,H)
A Role for Sustainability Reporting In The Shipping Industry (061214-038)
Captain Rajiv Deengar
Satellite Data Visualization on the Ocean Motion Website (061216-004)
Dr. H. Snyder
A real-time dive on active hydrothermal vents (061215-068)
Dr. Jozee Sarrazin
The UK Marine Data and Information Partnership (MDIP) ? Establishing a UK Marine Data and Information Framework. (061214-032)
Dr. David Cotton
Ocean Motion in Your Classroom (061215-102)
Ms. Mary Tweedie
Biotechnology and Aquaculture Engineering
(Clare,A; Turrell,E)
DNA Amplicons using arbitrary primers distinguish polymorphic loci among mangrove Thraustochytrid genomes (061123-001)
Dr Jose Oclarit
Implementation of a sensor suite for an aquaculture plant using chemical reagent free measuring methods (061215-113)
Mr. Rohan Henkel
Development of an 'early warning system' for harmful algal blooms using solid-phase adsorption toxin tracking (SPATT) (070131-028)
Dr. Elizabeth Turrell
The multiview limitation of target classification by broadband echo analysis. (070201-006)
Mr. Yan Pailhas
Prof. Tatsuki Toda
Tide and Wave Energy II
(Brancart,C; Morrison,A)
Wave energy on the Belgian Continental Shelf (061213-013)
Ms. Charlotte Beels
study of innovative electrical machines fitted to marine current turbines (061215-007)
Dr. Jean-Frederic Charpentier
Nonlinear Modelling of Power Take Off Systems (061215-045)
Ms. Helen Bailey
Evaluation of the power quality from a seawave power farm for different interconnection schemes (070131-035)
Dr. Marco Trapanese
A Simulation Model for the Evaluation of the Electrical Power Potential Harnessed by a Marine Current Turbine in the Raz de Sein (061215-133)
Prof. Mohamed Benbouzid
Prof. Asfaw Beyene
Deep Sea Exploration
(Turner,D; Ura,T)
Victor 6000: New high resolution tools for deep sea research. (061212-006)
Mr. Patrick Simeoni
The European Deep Sea Observatories Network of Excellence ESONET (061214-004)
Roland Person
Acoustic methane seepage quantification - model design, experiments and deep-sea application (061215-008)
Dr. Aneta Nikolovska
A variable buoyancy system for deep ocean vehicles (061215-063)
Dr. Mark Worall
Dives of AUV  (070123-004)
Prof. Tamaki Ura
TEMPO: a new ecological module for studying deep-sea community dynamics at hydrothermal vents (061215-042)
Dr. Jozee Sarrazin
Conservation and Restoration of Marine Life & Ecosystems
(Thorne,R; Kochzius,M)
Azimuth Localization in Pod-Track - a Passive Acoustic Monitoring System for Wild Dolphins. (061214-023)
Dr. Peter Dobbins
When Endangered Species Collide: Ecosystem Restoration in Prince William Sound, Alaska (061214-045)
Dr. Richard Thorne
Artificial reef properties of North Sea oil and gas production platforms (061215-093)
Mr. Andrew Guerin
The "Fish & Chips" project: Microarrays as a tool for the identification of marine organisms in biodiversity and ecosystem research (070130-014)
Dr. Marc Kochzius
Student Posters (cont.)
Jun 21
2:00 PM
4:00 PM
Boyd Fleming Crombie A Gordon A Gordon B Crombie B   Forbes Room 3 Room 10 Room 15 Room 18 Exhibition Hall  
Jun 21
4:00 PM
4:30 PM
Jun 21
4:00 PM
4:30 PM
Keynote: Closing Address on Marine Law and Policy - Waddah Saab, EC
Jun 21
4:00 PM
4:30 PM
Boyd Fleming Crombie A Gordon A Gordon B Crombie B   Forbes Room 3 Room 10 Room 15 Room 18 Exhibition Hall